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Submitted on
November 11, 2012


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Sekret Santa 2012

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 11, 2012, 11:37 PM


Join us in the Sekret Santa event e v e ) :…

Dear Santa, I'd like :

* A cute chibi picture of my fursona, Panny.
* A picture of my character, Aaron!
* Maybe a lil' icon of Lindsey? <3… You may put any kind of clothing on her but I'd most likely see her in a big sweater, some shorts, or whatever but go crazy if you'd like.

I'd like for you to know that I can draw :

* Humans ( Mostly girls )
* Chibis
* Anthros
* Cats, dogs, etc. Small animals like that.
* Small pokemon like skitty, pikachu, eevee, etc.
* Icons
* Journal dolls ( Animated and stuff! )

Although, I cannot draw :

* Big animals like horses, cows, etc.
* I'm not really good at drawing dragons either so that's a big no-no.
* Big pokemon
* Cars :1
* Complex animations


Journal doll by Pandaskeeper
Picture by kuukuubear
  • Mood: Joy
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