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TBSP | PLAYER 1 | Gulliver by sylveonprince TBSP | PLAYER 1 | Gulliver by sylveonprince
redid gully's application because his old one was buggin me ECh,,

"Gulliver at your service."

Player 1 information loading. . .

General Identification
» Name Gulliver
» Nickname[s] Gully, Garçon, more to be added in the future. . .
»  Alias Two-Tone 

» Gender Male
» Spawn Point Nine Nights Abyss

» Voice A light masculine voice, smooth and pleasant to listen to. ( Headcanon Voice )

» nB 0

»  Items

- N/A

»  Additional

- The tip of the flame that is lit above his tail changes specific colors depending on certain moods ( Ex. Pink for love ).
- The size of the flame indicates the state of his health. The smaller it gets, the closer he is to death. 
- If neck brace is removed, his head becomes detached from his body.

Physical Appearance

» Summary A creature with a slender and slim figure, lacking himself a muscular build. Gulliver's strange, yet unique features happen to be his unusually enlarged paws and the strange tail with a blue flame ignited from the tip. His pelt design consists of dark colors, given a little bit of white in several areas such as his face and the tips of his paws.

» Height 3'13" ft
» Weight 72 lbs

» Extra

- Mask is removable. Rarely taken off. 
- Has a floating head; neck brace keeps it attached.
- A blue flame is lit above his tail. 

Personal Information

» Personality [ Bold ] [ Charming ] [ Persuasive ] [Two-Faced] [Spiteful] [Merciless]

» Likes

- Relaxing
- Sleeping
- Shiny objects
- Teasing others
- Winning
- Feeling victorious

» Dislikes

- Being teased
- Losing
- Ear wrenching noises
- Obnoxious individuals
- Water
- Being constantly pestered
- Slimy things

» Talents

- With a pleasant, attractive voice and a slick tongue, he takes it as an advantage to persuade others with no problem.
- Being a two-face, he's known to fool others easily and trick them into thinking he's something he truly isn't.
- Controlling the light and size of the flame ignited above his tail.

» Hobbies

- Relaxing and taking long naps.

Statistics & Weapory

» Skill Sets

- Attack 4/5
- Defense 2/5
- Speed 3/5
- Agility 4/5
- Endurance 4/5

- Sanity 3/5
- Confidence 3/5
- Bravery 4/5
- Intelligence 3/5
- Charisma 4/5

» Weapon[s] 

- Claws Using claws sharp enough to cut through flesh, they leave great damage depending on how he attacks. Swiping and striking, Gulliver aims to leave flesh wounds on his opponent; normally raking his claws and sinking them painfully deep.

:bulletwhite: Neutra
:bulletblue: Acquaintance
:bulletblue::bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Close friend
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Best friend
:bulletyellow: Crush
:bulletorange: Lust
:bulletpink: Love
:bulletred: Uncertainty | Dislike
:bulletblack: Despise

Feeling [ NPC or Player | Gender ]



| :bulletblue: :bulletwhite: [ Spectra * ]


| :bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletpink: [ Keys ♂ ]

" The drunk fool that somehow managed to become my friend. Quite silly, really, but he's honestly not all that bad. I feel that I'm able to trust him no matter what and he won't judge me for who I am. He's there for me when I need someone. He's always there and I'm happy that he is. He's... unique and... a-amazing, really. Shit, uh. Fuck, fuck. I get a weird feeling when I talk about him like this. I-I'm just going to stop right here... Ah, shit. "

| :bulletblue: :bulletwhite: [ Abe ♂ ]


| :bulletblue: :bulletwhite: [ Cheat ♂ ]


| :bulletblue::bulletblue: [ Valky ♂ ]

" An unusual individual indeed, but I like him. Despite how strange Valky can be, I see him as a friend nonetheless. I just wish he would stop touching my rear end... "

Roleplay Sample Kitty-Katty-Town RP w/ karakaCube

Gaberiel walked along the hallway, a bag hanging from his shoulder while his paw held on tightly to the strap of his backpack. He caught several glances of unfamiliar individuals, causing them to quickly look away and share small comments with someone close standing by their side. His ears perked up to hear several of the hushed words, letting out a snort as he gave off a unimpressed sneer. He paid no mind to those who spoke about him. Gaberiel knew right on the top of his head that the felines wouldn't dare say anything to his face, since they knew better to mess with him in such ways. Overall, he had nothing to worry about. 
The German Shepard's ears perked up to hear filthy words being spat from someone, something that was all too familiar for him to not know who it was. Turning his head, his eyes caught onto the snarling feline, spitting rude remarks towards a Husky. It took him a moment to realize who it was, but when he did, Gaberiel felt himself suddenly boiling with anger. Out of impulse, he began to stalk towards them; ears flat against his head while his glare was locked on to the spatting feline. "Oi!" Gaberiel barked, the grip on his backpack's strap growing tighter. "Would you like to repeat those words again?" He growled in spite.

(c) :iconsylveonprince:

seanmcchapman Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
I love the character's design

Wish I could do that
vamqi Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
is that a gay gulliver i see? ewe
tinyfrou Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
"I just wish he would stop touching my rear end..."
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